Yulex CC, Neoprene sheets and products

for water sports, outdoor, nautical, footwear, fashion e orthopedics

Transition has begun


This is the word that leads us towards new materials
that improve expectations for our and your future

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Neoprene &
Green Foams


Accessories, products and fabrics

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Fabric and accessories

Waterproof fabrics

Discover all waterproof fabrics for every use!
Fabrics always of quality and for multiple uses.

Black magic

Discover the real main character: black color
The black that never goes out of fashion and that adapts to every situation.

Where: Düsseldorf

When: 20-28 january 2024

Stand: Hall 12 – Stand nr. 12E05

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BOOT, Düsseldorf, january 2024

Salon de la Plogee, Parigi, january 2024

Metstrade, Amsterdam, november 2025

EUDI, Bologna, october 2025

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