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Neoprene is a material that is perfectly suited for medical / orthopedic use.
CR rubber does not come from petroleum but from Limestone, a natural limestone rock.
t is not toxic or harmful and does not contain latex, therefore, except in cases of personal allergies, it can be safely used to make medical articles that are in contact with the skin. The neoprene can be sewn, glued, edged, used for thermo-taping or left with a “raw” cut, a process typically used to enhance the characteristics of this product.

In addition to CR neoprene, we can also offer Yulex natural foam, which represents the sustainable alternative to neoprene, of vegetable origin and whose coupling to fabrics takes place with water-based glues. In order to use low environmental impact products, the fabrics used for lamination can be made with recycled yarns. The characteristics of elasticity, compression and durability of this product of natural origin are completely similar to those of the classic Limestone-based neoprene.

Interesting in the orthopedic sector for making braces is double-lined neoprene laminated on one side with elastic Velcro fabric (the ‘loop’ part). This makes it possible to optimize the attachment of the bands with “male” Velcro (called “hook”) without compromising the elasticity of the brace, avoiding superfluous seams.


Velcro neoprene