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Colora Neoprene


Colora Neoprene is a single-component water-based superstretch paint, created specifically to decorate neoprene.

Available in 250g can.

The exclusive molecule of this paint, covered by patent, bases its effectiveness on coalescence technology, to guarantee unique resistance to aqueous and saline environments.
The elasticity of the base resin gives the product extraordinary elongation, close to 300%.

Available colors: black, brown, gold, green, red, silver, white

Available colors

The indication of the Pantone color / code is purely indicative


The neoprene surface must be clean and dry.To achieve a strong adhesion and a lasting result is important degrease properly neoprene through the use of appropriate solvents.
Work in ventilate place with low umidity.

Tips: two or more colors can be mixed, in order to obtain the desired color variations.
he paint can be less viscous adding some distilled water.
After use, store the paint in a cool place, sealing the package as carefully as possible.