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What is neoprene

When we speak of NEOPRENE, very frequently we refer to the material used for production of diving suits; of course this is true, but this intended use is only one of many possible! Today neoprene is not only intended for use in the sports field, in fact, requests from the most diverse markets are increasingly frequent, and the interest that has developed around this type of material is justified by the truly wide field of applications.
Neoprene is an artificial, spongy product with a microcellular structure; in some ways it is similar to a rubber, but it is lighter and with a high thermal and insulation capacity, therefore this material acts as a barrier between different environments, such as hot and cold, or air and water.
Considering its spongy structure, neoprene is a protective material against, for example, vibrations and shocks.

How we sell it

SHEICO neoprene is supplied in sheets whose indicative size is 120 x 210 cm with a tolerance of +/- 5%(attention: these measurements are not valid for certain types of sheets, for example those with Kevlar or with rubber J or C). If you need to know the real size of a sheet, please contact us.

The thickness of the sheets, referred to the foam only (therefore excluding linings), varies from a minimum of 0.5 mm to a maximum of 10 mm, with a tolerance of +/- 0.3 mm. Being cellular foams, all sizes and dimensions are subject to tolerances.

Neoprene can be made of different foams, which will consequently change the technical characteristics of the material (density, heat, elasticity, compressibility …), can be perforated to allow perspiration and can be made with compounds with low flammable power.

The term “neoprene” refers only to the “rubbery” part of the material; the finish of the faces can be defined as desired. Various alternatives are available both for the rubber finishes (open cell, smooth, knurled …) and for the type of fabrics that can be laminated on top (nylon, polyester, lycra, plush, more elastic fabrics, more resistant fabrics … in a wide range of colors). The sheets can be unlined, sandwich, single lined or double lined.

At our warehouse a large quantity of neoprene sheets is available for immediate delivery; for sheets not available there is the possibility of producing them according to the specific requests, with delivery times starting from 30 days.

Alternative SBR

There is also the possibility of buying SBR sheets: a material that at a glance does not differ much from neoprene. In reality the different chemical composition certainly makes it cheaper, even if of a lower quality. For certain applications, however, this compound is certainly more than sufficient.

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