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This is the word that pushes us towards new materials that improve expectations for our and your future.

The continuous increase in the demand for products with a low ecological impact, whose production is as respectful as possible towards the planet and its inhabitants. Following this trend, today we are happy to include new materials in our range of products made with the specific purpose of pursuing these objectives.

YULEX® is the first natural substance to make natural rubber-based, purified foam through a patented process, with FSC certification.

YULEX® is the best sustainable alternative to neoprene. With YULEX®, closed cell sheets are made, also available in two-lined and single-lined version: the fabrics used are made of recycled fibers, natural fibers and laminated with water-based adhesives

The way we collect raw material to create rubber products (natural or synthetic) can have a great impact on our planet.

Traditionally, neoprene is based on limestone or oil, which contribute heavily to climate change due to the mode of extraction/ production; on the contrary, the collection of natural rubber does not affect the balance of nature.

YULEX® created the first plant-based, closed cell material, thus offering the best environmentally friendly and responsible alternative to traditional neoprene.

The key features:


  • increased resistance
  • greater durability
  • high elongation
  • more flexibility
  • brighter colors and hues


  • zero sensitivity
  • zero impurity
  • no smell
  • no discoloration


  • created with Yulex Pure natural rubber
  • no deforestation
  • low CO2 emissions
  • recycled materials
  • neoprene free

The process of creating YULEX ® natural rubber

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