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Latex replacement kit

Version 1Bellows Neck size M o L

  • 28gr Aquasure® tube
  • Sandpaper
  • Brush
  • Instructions and safety data

Version 2 – Untrimmed cone wrists

  • 28gr Aquasure® tube
  • Sandpaper
  • Brush


For correct replacement of the latex replacement, please follow the instructions carefully.

1) After removing the latex replacement to be replaced, clean and degrease the bonding area.

2) On the latex replacement, gently sand the area corresponding to the gluing area, to roughen the surface.

3) Clean the newly sanded area to remove any residue.

4) Apply a layer of Aquasure® evenly on both the spare part and the edge of the wetsuit/jacket and spread the glue with the brush for the most even application possible.

5) Place the latex replacement over the bonding area of ​​the wetsuit/jacket and press firmly to obtain uniform adhesion, without residual air bubbles.

6) Wait at least 24 hours for complete drying.

Notes and suggestions

a) To prevent the formation of unwanted glue stains, delimit the gluing areas with adhesive paper tape, both on the surface of the wetsuit/jacket and on that of the latex replacement.

b) If the piece to be replaced is torn but at the same time is still well glued to the wetsuit/jacket, it is recommended to keep the latex ring glued and remove everything else; then the new replacement will be glued onto the ring remaining above the wetsuit/jacket

c) For a quicker procedure, it is advisable to place a spherical shape (bottle, vase or other) inside the wetsuit/jacket, corresponding to the neck/wrist area, in order to always keep the area well stretched and workable.

d) After gluing, to ensure good pressure, it is recommended to use adhesive paper tape, applying it in several layers over the gluing area of ​​the spare part. The tape will then be removed once drying is complete.