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  • Low profile
  • High-flow exhaust valve
  • Semi automatic
  • Ratchet action: when you turn the valve from open to closed (or vivecersa) you hear a “click”; This is called Ratchet Action or the Stop Action. This sound helps regulate the valve, as counting the number of “Click” you can ensure that the valve is in the same place as the previous times (adjusted according to your needs)
  • Wide profile (reportedly clip-on seat)
  • Antifriction seal


SI TECH dry suit valves are reliable items, but if you don’t follow the instructions on the installation manual, use and cleaning, may not work as expected.

One of the most frequent cause of failure of an SI TECH exhaust valve,  is not using methods or correct tools during the assembly of the valve.

First, always consult the manual when handling SI TECH products , this will save you time, money and make the products usable as expected.

These are the steps to follow to mount an exhaust valve when the assembly SI TECH tools are not available.

To tighten the exhaust valve on the drysuit after the initial installation procedure, follow these simple steps:

  1. Do not keep the control valve cover during tightening, in oder to not damage the valve! This is the part of the rotatable valve adjustment. If you turn hard on the adjustment cap over its final position, you can damage the cover itself or the crucial internal parts.
  2. When tightening the valve must grab the protection ring on the outside of the drysuit.

For more information, consult the manual valve.