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Showa Glove


Outer glove, waterthight, blue-colored PVC seamless, to be fitted with the ring system..
Underglove polyester knit fabric included , that ensures a good degree of thermal insulation.
(Also available as a spare)


Width from palm to thumb:

  • M: 11cm
  • L: 12,5cm
  • XL: 13 cm

Sizes are to consider with ± 3-4mm, not a simple to measure with a ruler.

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WARNING: for XL size is preferable to use the QUICK GLOVE rings kit, instead of ANTARESkit, as this glove model has a wide edge that would make difficult to assembly.
If you want to use the ANTARES kit with XL size glove, choose the PRODI model.

If you are wondering what’s different between the Showa gloves that we sell and those who are in the same business, in all DIY stores, the answer is simple: it’s a rubber vulcanization argument. The vulcanization is a rubber manufacturing process, which is chemically bonded to sulfur by heating. Through this process, you obtain an elastic material and little swelling if kept in contact with organic solvents.

Our gloves are tested to withstand high atmospheres of pressure, unlike the others that are made for other uses.