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Quick Exchange system


“Quick exchange” system. Revolutionary in the simplicity and functionality – Quick Exchange is “watertight solution.”

A terminal torn it can cost you the best dive of your life. The innovative Quick Exchange System, installed in your wetsuit, makes the “disaster” of a torn terminal in a mere inconvenience, saving you frustration, time and money.

The replacement does not require the use of adhesives.
The Quick Exchange system can be assembled during the wetsuit production phase or installed the next time that the terminal must be replaced.

Quick Neck is the upgrade of Neck Tite system and it’s designed to be even more flexible, versatile and comfortable. The neck ring infact has something new! The perforated profile makes it even more flexible, versatile and comfortable than the previous smooth version!

Quick Neck

quickneck system

quickneckThe new neck system is called QUICK EXCHANGE SYSTEM and includes:

  • Neck (Available either in silicon and latex)
  • Neck ring (yellow)
  • Locking ring perforated
  • Combi tool
  • Items can be purchased separately.

QCS Oval


For the wrists, the complete kit, which is called QCS OVAL, includes:

  • Wrist (Available in latex and silicon)
  • Ring for the mobile part
  • Ring to the fixed part

Items can also be purchased individually (attention, buy 2 items per type, as they are not sold in pairs but in pieces).