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Orust Neck System


  • Flexible, versatile and comfortable!
  • Allows the user to modify the seals in the dive / activity site
  • Allows the use of silicone or latex seals
  • Prevents expensive and expensive repairs
  • It makes versatile dry suits in terms of user / size

The ORUST Neck kit includes:

  • Neck Seal (silicone or black latex)
  • Neck ring
  • Closing ring and clip (12 pieces)

ORUST Neck System is the third generation of Neck System.
A modular quick replacement solution that is even softer and more flexible than the Quick Change Solution for the package!

The design offers exceptional comfort and can be mounted in a wide range of garments. he neck ring and the locking ring are made of a softer material and clips are added to keep the neck seal in place. No need for tools to install the neck seal; the gasket and the locking ring (Lock Ring) can be easily mounted by hand in the PU ring.

The Neck ORUST system can be used with both silicone and latex gaskets.
A broken tin terminal can be changed on the dive site or activity in a couple of minutes, without tools or gluing. It is also possible to change the size and / or the type of neck seal to adapt the suit to different people or activities. ORUST Neck System will keep your dry suit always operational! No more expensive or expensive repairs!
ORUST Neck System is designed to be connected on drysuits for scuba diving, amphibious drysuits, life suits, water sports garments and more.

The flexibility and softness of ORUST Neck System has improved compared to its predecessors, such as the Neck Tite and the Quick Neck, which makes it more suitable for dry suits with lightweight design. Comfort is evident and the user’s movement is not damaged.