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Tizip Masterseal 10


– diving suits (dry and semi-dry)
– clothing for water sports
– curtains and covers
– protective clothing, for leisure, safety and industrial (gas and chemical agents)
– containers for electronic instruments, documents, machinery and equipment for transport
– inflatable objects and games, advertising balls, etc.
– bags and backpacks for everyday use, for outdoor, cycling, sailing, mountaineering and the like.


The hinge withstands (laboratory test) up to500 mbar of pressure (air), ends included.
The slider fits perfectly into the closing seat.

Dirt and sand

The TIZIP MasterSeal 6 is highly resistant to damage caused by dirt or sand. However if dirt or sand are present, the zipper should be cleaned with soap and water.
Dirt particles can aff ect the sealing function if they get caught between the chain profiles.
If the TIZIP MasterSeal 6 closure is used to protect life or sensitive material, the sealing function and cleanliness of the chain area should be thoroughly checked prior to every usage.


No hinges are previously lubricated. However, lubrication is essential to maintain ease of use and perfect coupling of the chain.
Initial lubrication throughout the chain is essential.
It is recommended to consult the instructions and use the lubricant supplied with each hinge.
The lubrication of the external surfaces allows a better handling of the cursor.


To ensure waterproofing, the hinge, in moving the slider, requires a slightly higher force than that used for standard plastic hinges. Please allow a slightly higher pulling force to undock the both ends closed version. Some lubrication can help to reduce the pulling force on the docking end. The chain is maintenance free.


The performances of the hinge in terms of resistance and durability are of a high level. Withstands sudden weight loads, abrasions and withstands short bends and twists. Closed the zipper resists transversal traction of 200 N / cm.


  • closed / closed with double tie rod / open / open with loop tie rod / open with double tie rod / divisible / divisible with double slider
  • tape width 50 mm / 70 mm
  • chain width 10 mm
  • terminal extensions 25 mm

Zipper length: the zipper is measured including stops. To find the size of the chain, subtract about 2 cm.


New surface treatment of the belt, to ensure even stronger bonding. The tape does not need to be treated with sandpaper or other products.
Also new in design: the ends have been rounded.

q-strap masterseal

Now also available in 71 cm length with reinforcement Q-STRAP!


The waterproof capability of the zipper is tested by placing the zipper on a horizontal rectangular frame.
The inside of the zipper is submerged while the outside is pressurized with air.
The test is passed if there are no air bubbles for at least 20 seconds.
Sample tests are carried out in each batch during production.

Resistance test

UV-RAYS: Very good
MICROBES: Satisfactory
TEMPERATURE RANGE: -30 ° C / + 80 ° C

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ATTENTION: to avoid sealing problems, we remind you that the hinge must be glued WITHOUT any preventive treatment: it must NOT be cleaned or wiped. Furthermore, when applying the glue, particular attention must be paid not to get too close to the teeth.

The end user then only has to rinse it after each use with warm water and not with other substances.