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Trigon Pee Valve – Physiological drain valve


TRIGONis the new low profile Pee Valve, with innovative structure and unique properties!

The TRIGON Pee Valve has been developed to ensure greater safety and greater comfort during long-duration dives.

Set includes:

  • TRIGON Pee Valve ON/OFF
  • valve seat included (also sold individually with code 60895)
  • assembly / disassembly key
  • O-Rings
  • connection tube (50 cm)
  • closing cap
  • uridome diameter 30 mm (2 pz)


The valve is compensated, without buttons or moving parts.

The low profile (only 9mm external thickness!) Minimizes the risk of getting caught in cables, fishing nets, rocks, equipment or debris while diving.


The URIDOMEin 25 and 35 mm sizes are sold separately, the She-P kit.