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Eurofix neoprenic glue


Neoprene glue, two-component (Desmodur RFE activator not included), available in400 g, 900 g or 4.5 kg cans. It is suitable for bonding and repairing neoprene wetsuits.

Available in black color and also in the Transparent version (without the black dye)!

Available colors

The indication of the Pantone color / code is purely indicative

How to use:

The adhesive must be freshly prepared, one hour before use, by adding 5% -10% activator and mixing thoroughly. Apply evenly and in sufficient quantity with a brush or roller machine. Leave to dry for about 25 minutes. Couple and press the parts. The final bonding will take place after about 48 hours.
Ventilate the room during and after use.