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Aquasure sealant


Urethane adhesive, which waterproofs, seals and protects from abrasion.
It is the industry standard for sealing of all kinds and for repairs of the highest strength of diving suits, dry suits and all products for water sports.

Available formats:

  • 250 ml tube
  • 28 gr tube
  • 7gr tube
  • 310 ml cartridge (to be used with a normal “gun” type applicator. Applicator not included).

It always remains soft, flexible and compact even after long periods and does not crystallize.
It is recommended to use it combined with COTOL (activator) to obtain a more fluid glue and a shorter drying time.

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To get a colored coating, you can add food coloring to the Aquasure!

Use Aquasure to seal watertight seals.

STEP 1: Turn the inside / outside suit inside out and clean all the parts to be sealed with Cotol, to remove all traces of grease, grease, dust and dirt.
STEP 2: Apply Aquasure in a layer of about 2 mm, so as to cover the joints for at least 12 mm. Use a small brush to saturate the textures of the fabric. Leave to dry for 24 hours.
If you use Aquasure with Cotol (max parts 5: 1), mix the components slowly, to avoid the formation of micro-bubbles in the compound.
After application, wait 2 hours for it to dry.
All times indicated may vary according to the percentage of ambient humidity.

Aquasure is also ideal forrepairing holes and tears. For holes larger than a pin, create a bottom barrier with tape. Saturate the hole and at least 6 mm around. Remove the tape only when it is completely dry.

With Aquasure you can also create an ultra-resistant and flexible knee brace, to protect wetsuits from abrasion. Apply a light coat of Aquasure with a plastic scoop and let it dry for 24 hours.

Fully compliant with the REACH legislation on safety.

Ventilate the room during and after use.

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Please note that each laboratory can mix and use Aquasure (or Seamgrip) and Cotol in different and customized ways, so our tests cannot cover all the possibilities.
Our tests are general compatibility tests only.